Social Media – Who am I vs. What do I like?

On Tuesday mornings I have a seminar in English which is really a breath of fresh air since for the past semesters I have only been using German for the university. Our teacher introduced us to a very interesting website called Ted Talks which I had no idea existed. So if you have not heard about it I recommend you check it out! Basically there are great people, who are one of the best in their domain and they talk about almost anything – from global issues, medicine, art, fashion, philosophical terms, technology, entertainment, science, business to anything that comes to mind.

We watched a talk held by Johanna Blakely, who is the Director of the Normal Lear Center (a media-focused think tank at the University of Southern California) and she studies the impact of mass media and entertainment on our world. In this video she talks about social media and the end of gender. She explains how most media companies (advertising, games and others) use the same demographics to understand their consumers, tough it has started to become more difficult to track the people online. She means they are having a hard time figuring people out, who they are , how old they are and that it is easier  to look at their tastes and what they prefer. Another interesting point she makes is that women actually outnumber men in the social media space (in every age group). Does that mean we are going to see more women in PC Games, TV Shows or Movies? Actually Johanna Barkley disagrees, she thinks women are going to be responsible for killing the Chick Flick stereotype with this new social networks driven only buy people’s tastes . Her closing argument is actually that in order to understand the consumers it is important to know what they like, what they do in their free time, how they keep entertained and play.

Any thoughts on how Social Media will look in 10-15 years? Feel free to leave a comment!

Here are the links I talked about:


The official website

Johanna Blakely on

The actual video I was talking about

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