They make it look so easy…

Sometimes when you live for a long time in a place, you tend to forget the good things about it. The following pictures were taken in Austria in different cities or villages.

One of the things I definitely love and respect about Austria is how much they cherish their countryside and nature. Other than being obviously really good taken care of, all the villages are filled with flowers and have some small little shops where you can mostly find things for your house and garden.

On the same trip I also went to visit the Swarovski Museum. Yes, there is a Swarovski museum and it is beautiful. It is located near Innsbruck (like 10 minutes away I think). There you can visit several chambers with different artistic interprations of .. well, crystal, obviously. There is also a shop at the end with very nice jewelery that you do not usually find at any Swarovski shop.

This picture is of the main entrance to the museum. You go in on the left side and get out on the right side.

Here was an ice skating dance of the sun and the moon. Their faces were actually covered in crystals but you cannot really see it in the pictures:

I could have sworn their faces were normal even when they were turned away. I only noticed this (kind of weird..) when I saw the picture at home.


Miruna B.


  1. very nice post. lovely photos
    the countryside can be always be surprising ^^

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