Das wird legen – warte es kommt gleich – DÄR

*The title is the german version of Barney Stinson’s “It’s gonna be Legen – wait for it – dary”.

People have been going to movies for many years. Some do it for social reasons such as meeting with your friends or family and others are more concerned with the artistic part of motion pictures. Most people just combine these two interests and like to enjoy a great movie together with their friends.

In Vienna there are plenty of cinemas you can go to in order to watch the latest movies. First there are the cinemas located in Shopping Malls such as Megaplex which have great and comfortable rooms. The quality of the sound and motion picture in general is really good. Most of the movies here are actually in German, but on certain occasions they do offer movies in the original version. There are also smaller cinemas, located in older buildings – some of them only play movies in German but there are also a few which play movies in English such as Haydn Cinema (this one has been a family business for many years) or Artis International Cinema.

 Last week I went to the movies at Artis International Cinema. I looked around and noticed there were different types of people around me. There seemed to be many foreigners – maybe tourists who wanted to catch a movie on their holidays. However there might also be foreigners living in Vienna who go to an English Cinema. One category is surely the one consisting of people who do not speak german at all, but on the other side there might be german-speaking-people who just want to improve their English skills. Furthermore, there might be professional people who speak both german and english but who want to see movies in their original form and receive the initial undistorted message.

Nevertheless the main language you hear on TV is German and all the movies are basically synchronized (dubbed). Regulation has definitely played a big part in this because after many years this is (for most people) totally normal. A small percentage of people is actually bothered by this and that is because they are probably used to it. Why should they actually bother? That is how they have seen motion pictures since they were born and it would definitely cost more to buy the DVD’s and it might not be so easy to read subtitles if you have not practised it for  a longer period. Another point would be that the first thing you saw sticks with you in a way – by that I mean if you have seen a TV Show in German first and only after lots of episodes you see it in English you might feel that you like the German version more only because it seems familiar.

This form of watching television has simply been appropriated to our everyday routine and for countries which have been practicing it for many years it is simply not an issue anymore.

The hegemony in this matter might be suggested through the fact that the dubbed television and movies have been forced on the people. Tough many are not at all bothered by this issue (mostly because they are used to it and have never given it any thought) there still are a lot who prefer to see movies and shows in their original form. Some of the countries using dubbed television did not consult with the population before doing this. However, in some countries, there are a few television programs who allow you to choose (via the TV settings) if you want to hear it in the original version or dubbed.

I actually have no intention of criticising people who watch dubbed movies or TV Shows because I think it was something that was forced on them and for many reasons, still is nowadays. For me personally , it is very different. Since I was a child, I always saw movies in their original version (sometimes with subtitles – whether it was English, French , Italian or any other language ) and I firmly believe that is the only way to see a movie, cartoon, TV Show etc..

For me it is nonsense to synchronise a movie in another language since SPEAKING is obviously a big part of ACTING and dubbing wipes a lot of the artistic thoughts put into the movie away. It does not have the same meaning and cannot have the same effect on the viewer. If the movie was in Japanese I would go and see it in Japanese with subtitles even if I could not understand a thing of what was said because that is how the movie was thought and directed. I do hope more and more people go see original versions of movies and maybe after seeing and appreciating a motion picture in its original form they will expect that from TV Programmes too.

For those of you who don’t speak german and were wondering what the title of the blog was about, it’s the german version of Barney Stinson’s (How I Met Your Mother) famous saying- This is going to be LEGEN – wait for it – DARY!

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Miruna B.


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