Nature style

I honestly am quite ignorant when it comes to flowers and nature in general. Besides roses, lilies , daffodils and a few other flowers I do not know any names and cannot recognise a plant in a garden. Let’s not exaggerate, I am not as unaware as some of my male friends but nevertheless I do not really know my way around a garden.

A few weeks ago I went to a store with a friend and we saw something called ,,pocket garden”. It’s basically a small bag with, well, soil and a few seeds. You plant the seeds and in 2-3 weeks your plant starts growing.  They have lots of flowers but I chose lavender because I liked the scent. At the beginning, I was not very excited because I did not really believe it was going to grow; but look who surprised me:

Here is an update from a week later:

I went to my parents house this weekend and saw this in the garden:

My lavender was humiliated…


Today I bought her a new home!

and I guess she liked it.

Miruna B.

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