Vienna Summer Concert

The 10th edition of the Vienna Philharmonic’s Summer Night Concert Schönbrunn featured a “Wagner & Verdi” theme, which served to commemorate 200 years of historical and cultural significance. The concert takes places every year and it is free of charge and broadcasted on television around the world. For this event, the official grounds of the Concert extended from Schönbrunn Palace to the Neptune Fountain.

Despite the unpleasant weather conditions, there were ~15000 people who came to hear the concert under the baton of Lorin Maazel. The audience, seated as well as standing, endured the windy and rainy weather in order to hear the beautiful compositions.

These two pictures are from a previous edition where the weather was obviously much better. :)

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We were making our way towards the concert.IMG_0763



As the rain kept intensifying, the audience was slowly covered with colourful umbrellas. :)

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