Christmas Ads

With only 14 days left until Christmas everybody is ย getting into the holiday spirit. If you live in a city with Christmas Markets and bright decorations you cannot help but feel a bit (or a lot ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) joyful when you see them.

With all this preparation going on, needles to say, ย some companies have prepared beautiful Christmas Ads to attract potential customers and practice some holiday PR :) . Here are two of my favorites this season:

1. WestJet Christmas

WestJet is a Canadian Airline and for this Ad, they played Santa for some of their travelers. ย I really liked this one because they manage to advertise their company while also giving back to some of their travelers in a fun and heartwarming way. The video was posted 2 days ago and has already over 2 million views so it went viral pretty fast!

2. John Lewis Christmas Advert

This is also an example of a viral advert. It was published over one month ago and has reached more than 8 million views. ย I guess that is was 7m gets you since that was the reported amount spent for this one. It’s an animated tale of a rabbit (?) ย who wants to make sure a bear does not miss out on Christmas. ย Some people loved this and some felt it was a bit too sad, however, I really enjoyed the animation and felt it was very nice to watch.ย 

In an attempt to create a more festive look for the facebook page of my own website (Vienna Reviews), ย I created this cover:


If you have an all-time favorite Christmas Commercial and want to share it, please leave a comment below.

Happy Holidays!

Miruna B.

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