Vienna on a Saturday Evening

Today I went for a longer walk around the city and thought it would be a great opportunity to take some pictures.

Since  I’ve been living in Vienna, I often get questions about my time spent on Mariahilferstrasse or Stephansplatz but having a very busy semester at the University, this was actually my first time this year I got to take a proper walk in the center.

IMG_3477The popular Mariahilferstrasse which is now (at least partially) meant for pedestrians only.



IMG_3491What attracted my interest for this photo were the large branches coming from behind the building.

IMG_3494#ads #ads #ads


IMG_3500The 8th largest cultural area in the world – Museumsquartier


IMG_3505The city hall (Rathaus) seen from afar.

IMG_3517Suit Up!

IMG_3523The Viennese Donut Theatre :)



IMG_3532A piggy bank or better said a …cupcake bank?

IMG_3533Sorry Moncler but that bow only reminded me of Katniss of The Hunger Games



IMG_3541Swarovski Window

IMG_3538Would love to have something like this to drive around town.

Miruna B.

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