LSRS Charity Event

I don’t believe I have mentioned this on the blog before but I am part of LSRS which is the Romanian League of Students Abroad. Together with other colleagues living in Vienna, we form the Austrian branch and our aim is to help students moving here with their questions and organize socializing and networking events.

This week we had one event we’ve been preparing for some time now. It was a photography exhibition where people were invited to attend and also donate clothing for people in need. The event was lovely and we were so happy and surprised to receive so many things.

Our event was organized in collaboration with the Romanian Cultural Institute, the Romanian Embassy in Austria and the association ,,The Light of St. Andrew” who helped us with distributing the donations. The exhibition was held in Vienna and the donations were delivered to Bucharest, Romania.

These are only some of the photographs which were showcased at the exhibition. We were lucky enough to receive some amazing pictures!

Here are some photos from the event itself:

There were a lot of generous people who donated their clothes, which were then transported and distributed in the weekend that followed the event.

Overall, it was a great experience! The event brought some lovely people together and our guests were able to see a lot of beautiful photos and hear their stories. What is most important, is that we gathered a lot of clothes which helped and made the people extremely happy.

Miruna B.

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