Goodreads for Good Readers

What is Goodreads?

The website was started by Otis and Elizabeth Chandler in 2006 and launched shortly after, in 2007. They were partially financed by Angel Investors and in 2012 had over 10 Mio. users (quite a lot!).  Their mission is to help people find and share the books that they love and to make the process of reading and learning easier.  On their website they say ,,Knowledge is power, and power is best shared among readers.”

You can think of Goodreads as a Social Cataloging Platform which gives you the ability to share catalogs and interact with others based upon the items you share.  In this case, the mentioned items are, of course, books.


What can I do on Goodreads?

You can find books that you are reading, have read or want to read. It allows you to get insight into what your friends are reading and discuss your favourite books with them. You can check out the personalized book recommendations tailored to your literary taste and also join different groups and discuss the books you have read. The site also redirects you to different shopping sites where you are able to order the books online.

Its recent partnership with Facebook is what allows you to sign in through your Facebook Account and thus see updated of what your friends or doing on Goodreads and you are basically reading together with them.

Other interesting perks are Yearly Reading Challenges or giveaways you can sign up for in order to gain a prize.

Why Goodreads?I recently joined Goodreads and mainly use it to discover new books and also keep track of what I have already read. Reading is something I really love to do and this site helps me discover  new authors I wouldn’t probably notice in a library.  Even though I am a classical shopper when it comes to books and enjoy having a book in my hand than on my tablet, I must admit this website it pretty awesome and I discovered some great writings. 

Meet your next favorite book!


Miruna B.


  1. I like to use Goodreads to keep track of the all the books I’m reading. That way, if I put one down, I can always make sure that I come back to it.

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