The Park

Yesterday evening, I went to see a play organized by the Romanian Cultural Institute in Vienna (great job!) which is called ,,The Park” and is directed by Mihai Mălaimare. The play was a nonverbal communication with characters portrayed as bronze statues who relive their stories through the Park from 1854 until today.

In the heart of Bucharest, there is a special place filled history and beauty, namely the Cișmigiu Garden. Before the characters make their way on the stage, the pages of a calendar display the epoch they represent (1854, 1920 and others until today).  At times, different statues come to life depending on the story presented. The play was very entertaining and I enjoyed it a lot.

“Plin de umbre ale celor care i-au marcat existenţa,
Cişmigiul te invită să-l admiri şi să te bucuri de farmecul
inegalabil al aleilor sale, dar, daca vrei să te îndrăgosteşti
cu adevărat de cel mai iubit parc bucureştean vino să vezi PARCUL!
Nu rata un spectacol de statui vivante cu adevărat special!”
Mihai Mălaimare

“Filled with shadows of those who marked its existence, / Cismigiu invites you to admire and enjoy the charm / of its peerless alleys, but, if you want to really fall in love/ with the most beloved park of Bucharest come and see The Park! / Do not miss a special show of living statues!” Mihai Mălaimare

Here are some pictures I took last night:








Miruna B.

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