Cat Day

I love all animals but those of you who know me personally, know that my heart true belongs to… cats! Today is International Cat Day and I just could not let it pass by without sharing these amazing pictures with you. They are more special since they were shot in black and white and you’ll notice they capture cats in some of their best positions.


 Aleksandr Antonov (left) | Jure Kravanja (right) cat-black-and-white-photography-5Dhruv Aggarwal

cat-black-and-white-photography-7Aljaž Vidmar


Ruggiero Scardigno


wakoo22 cat-black-and-white-photography-28

Laia cat-looking-at-you-black-and-white-photography-1

Pierre Adnin cat-looking-at-you-black-and-white-photography-114J. Ota


Amy Covington

1504281_10202248623849779_331498748_oMy princess.

 Source: BoredPanda

Miruna B.

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