sARTurday w/ Stefan Luchian

This weekend I am in Bucharest for a few days visiting friends and family so I decided to go with a Romanian painter for this post of sARTurday.


The painting was done by Stefan Luchian in 1909 and it’s called ,,The River Meadow at Poduri”.
Stefan Luchian was born in February 1868 in Stefănești, Romania and died in June 1917 in Bucharest. He was most famous for his landscapes and still life work.

,,In October 1889 Luchian leaves for Munich in Germany and is admitted to the Akademie der Bildenden Kuenste together with some of his Romanian fellow students. 1892-1893 he continued his studies in Paris. Among his teachers in Paris was the acknowledged Romanian artist, Nicolae Ion Grigorescu, in whom Luchian found a fervent attention. For a long period, at the first exhibitions Luchian opened in Paris, Griogorescu’s presence (sometimes the sole visitor), his advice and his joy at seeing Luchian’s works, were the only reward of the young painter’s efforts.

Read more about his life and art works here:

By the 1930s, Luchian’s impact on Romanian art was becoming the subject of disputes in the cultural world, with several critics claiming that his work had been minor and the details of his life exaggerated.[17] Arghezi was again involved in the polemic, and wrote passionate pieces which supported Luchian’s art and attributed adverse reactions to jealousy and to Luchian’s voiced distaste for mediocrity.[12]

,,In 1948, Luchian was posthumously elected to the Romanian Academy. An art school in Botoșani bears his name.

His life was the subject of Nicolae Mărgineanu’s 1981 film, Luchian,[18] where his character was played by Ion Caramitru (Maria Ploae was Luchian’s sister; other actors starring in the film where George Constantin, Ştefan Velniciuc, Florin Călinescu as Arghezi, and Adrian Pintea as Nicolae Tonitza).”

Source: Wiki & heindorffhus

Miruna B.

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