My Gramophone Player

Gramophone’s are incredible devices and I was lucky enough to find one in good condition at an antiques fair in Bucharest. Though I cannot take it with me to Vienna, I try to enjoy it as much as possible when I visit back home. Nowadays, most of us use YouTube, Spotify and other websites for music and the use of CD’s has also seen a huge decrease.

Still, there is something really special about hearing the music coming out of the horn of the gramophone with no electricity needed whatsoever.

The devices read the sound with a small needle which is attached to a diaphragm which is in turn, attached to the horn. The record is turned at a constant speed and this makes the needle vibrate while its vibrations are transmitted to the diaphragm that vibrates creating sound. The sound is then channeled ouf of the horn and into the room.

This was the song playing while I took the photographs:

Here are some pictures of it I took yesterday:








Miruna B.

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