Carousel of Light

A new bookstore was recently opened in the heart of Bucharest referred to as the Carousel of Light. Part of the Carturesti chain, the new space is a 6 level construction representing an experiment of cultural habitation. It is a very elegant 19th century building with place for reading, socializing and even a bistro at the top floor. Click here to see read more about it.

As I spent this past week back home in Bucharest, I couldn’t pass the opportunity to visit the amazing bookstore and here are some pictures I took:

IMG_5469The bistro at the top floor

IMG_5470View from the top floor
IMG_5471 Another view from the top floor


IMG_5473A neat furniture design for displaying products
IMG_5477Here’s me acting all “touristy” :)

IMG_5496e My dear best friend Ruxandra looking beautiful

IMG_5499Colorful Wanderlust


unnamedI’ve got a new passion for hats :)



IMG_5505Ruxandra trying on a special kind of clutch


IMG_5513Magic fairytales



unnamed (2)




Miruna B.

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