Easter in Austria

This year, the Orthodox Easter was a week after the Catholic one so instead of staying at home, we decided to have a family trip in Austria.

We had 3 nights to spend in different cities and chose Graz, Klagenfurt and Salzburg. I got some really great tips from my colleagues at work about what to see and after a Google search we made a pretty good itinerary.

Below you will find a couple of photos I took during our stay:

IMG_5647This is a construction made out of bicycle wheels in the yard of a pub.

IMG_5648This is the Murinsel (Mur Island), an artificial floating platform in the middle of the Mur river was built in 2002 in Graz and aims to connect architecture and art with a water experience in the heart of the city.



IMG_5657View of the city including the very modern building of the art museum in Graz.

IMG_5658 A close-up on the art museum in Graz.

IMG_5663Walking around pathways in the garden of the Schlossberg Graz. This is also the site of the fortress and because it’s on a tree-clad hill you can enjoy really nice views of the city.

IMG_5680This is the city center of Graz. People and public transportation coexist beautifully.

IMG_5681Evening view of the modern building that is the museum of art in Graz.

IMG_5682Love lockets on a bridge crossing the Mur river.
IMG_5685 This is Velden at Wörthersee which is a market town in the Villach District part of Carinthia. It is situated at the western shore of the lake and it is one of the most popular holiday resorts. You’ll see some very nice cars and boats and the village is extremely clean and beautiful. Perfect for a holiday!



IMG_5707This is the impressive 851-metre Pyramidenkogel located on the south of the Wörthersee which offers an amazing view of Carinthia.


IMG_5715 IMG_5746Swan boats in Hallstatt.


IMG_5757Hallstatt has some beautiful houses with lovely decorations and flowers.

IMG_5758Swan on the Hallstätter See.

IMG_5770Karlskirche in Vienna.


Miruna B.

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