This summer I took 3 weeks of Holiday off which I decided to spend in Romania with family and friends. As I had more time than usual at my disposal, I booked a 4 day trip at the seaside and one in the mountains.

For the stay at the seaside, my boyfriend and I thought it would be nice to stay in Vama Veche, a village on the Black Sea coast, near the border with Bulgaria. A few friends joined and we had a great time.

The last time I visited this place was about 5 years ago and it changed A LOT. In Communist Romania, Vama Veche was a non-mainstream destination which became a place where intellectuals would hang out. They would either stay in rooms rented from peasants or tents which is still happening today. Nowadays you have a lot of hotels you can stay in.

In the late 90s, Vama Veche was famous for its nude beach and this is still common today especially where the beach ends and there are less tourists. In the past couple of years, it become known for the “Save Vama Veche” campaign which was set up by locals who fear that their nudist beach and liberal morals are under threat. A lot of people are hoping to restore its old look and hippie vibe.

Here are some photos I took during my stay there:


This is me on the beach enjoying the sunset light in my hair.



Photographing my friend Ruxandra on the beach.


Colorful lemonades (mint, orange, strawberries)


This is a cool truck in front of the restaurant “La Canapele”(At the Sofas) which even had benches and a tables on its backside.



5.30 – waiting for the sun to shine


A few minutes later…






Miruna B.

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