Home Sweet Home

This summer I spent almost three weeks of Holiday in my home country, Romania. Most of the time I was in Bucharest but also spent a couple of days at the seaside and in the mountains.

It was hot, busy, crowded but SO GREAT, AMAZING and LOVELY to be with family and friends. :) I revisited some old places but also got to see some new ones which really left an impression on me.

Here are some shots I took during my time at home:

IMG_6527Jaz lounging on the terrace.
IMG_6623The house of Vlad Dracul in Sighisoara.

IMG_6651Streets of Sighisoara and the truck of the sound system team preparing for the Medieval Festival.



IMG_6608Gypsies selling several objects.




Saw this exact VW Beetle at the seaside a week before.IMG_6631



Miruna B.

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