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My visit to the USA began in lovely Boston. Boston was founded in 1630 and you can immediately see the English resemblance. Not only is the city an economical, technological and political centre, it houses some of the best higher education institutions like Harvard and MIT. A huge plus is that the Bostonians (to be honest, I just needed an excuse to use the word Bostonians cause it’s hilarious) are extremely friendly people and don’t be surprised if they start randomly talking to you on a bus or in the park.

Boston Common Park

Charles River

Old State House

Harvard University

After spending a few days there, I hopped on a train to Penn Station, Manhattan, NY.

If you grew up watching movies and shows like Home Alone, When Harry met Sally, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Ghostbusters, The Godfather, Friends, Seinfeld, you probably have a picture of New York City in your head. You know places like Central Park, places on 5th Avenue or the Empire State Building without having seen them for real. That’s part of the magic when visiting NY. It feels vaguely familiar. At least, for me it was.

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Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all glamour and movie stars. NY can be tough too. If you imagine yourself walking around the city humming to Sinatra’s ”New York, New York”, you will immediately get slapped back to reality by the huge crowds, constant smell of burned hot dog, noise, alarms, dirt, queues everywhere. After the first shock wears off, you will find you can be at the same time completely amazed by all the wonderful things the city has to offer especially when it comes to architecture, culture & entertainment. You know that feeling you get when you watch a movie trailer AFTER having seen the movie? That’s how you feel in NY. As if now you’re finally putting together the pieces you’ve already come to know. *deep* :)

My boyfriend and I had 10 days to spend in NYC and here are some of our highlights:

Times Square

Times Square






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9/11 Memorial

9/11 Memorial

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum


View of Manhattan & Brooklyn Bridge

View of Manhattan & Brooklyn Bridge

Central Park

Central Park


Storytelling and entertainment are a huge part of the American culture. You’ll notice this right away in Boston and NY. Tour guides, salesmen and even the people handing out flyers are all about entertainment. So there was no way we were going to miss out on attending some of the best shows the city has to offer. So we decided for three things:

  1. Jerry Seinfeld at the Beacon Theatre. “What else is annoying in the world, besides everything?”

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2. Anastasia on Broadway. It’s nearly impossible to decide on what show to see but I was extremely happy with this choice and the show was a 10/10! Ideally for my next visit to NYC I would love to see Chicago, Lion King, Hamilton, Wicked…

3. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. It was really a great experience to see the set of a talk show and get to see Colbert LIVE.


So in the end, I leave you with this:



Miruna B.

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