The practice of ‘Going to the movies’

As I mentioned in a previous post ,,Das wird legen – warte es kommt gleich – DÄR” going to the movies is more of a shared cultural activity. I then mostly focused on the whole dubbing movies issue but here are some other thoughts on the practice itself.

Regulation and consumption have played an important part in making this practice of synchronizing movies in another language normal and appropriating it in our everyday routines. If you do not stop to think about the fact that you are watching an actor speak and hear a totally different voice you do not really mind it. It appears to be a regular habit which everyone considers to be normal.

If we leave the issue of the dubbing of the movies behind us and just take a look at the practice of going to the movies itself, we might find that is has a lot to do with identity. Let’s take a look on what “going to the movies” is associated with – I am just going to throw some terms in that pop to mind when thinking about this practice: popcorn, Coca-Cola, comedy, comfy seats, reservation, tickets, Orange Kino, date, make-out session, friends, laughing, 3D, noisy, big screen, whispering, trailers. Categories such food (eating), organization, socialization – communication (chatting, laughing), entertainment (show, image, sound) can be distinguished.
Other than the reasons mentioned above, going to the movies might be seen as a way to expand ones emotional self (feeling sensations we do not experience in our everyday lives) but also to get the feeling of collective (group, team). “Going to the movies” is actually a shared cultural activity. Other than the entertainment supplied by the movie there is a whole sociology of movie going and movie watching.
Much like other practices even “going to the movies” comes with its own prejudice. Going to the movies alone is frowned upon and the same happens when older people attend the movies. People have certain associations with this practice so when they encounter something like this they see it as odd and refer to it as inadequate.

Tough the theater room is the picture above is not full, we can notice there are people from all group ages but no one is alone.  Almost everyone has a drink and some even have popcorn. There are mostly couples but also families we can notice in the room. This type of photo leaves place to make assumptions even on what kind of movie the people are enjoying which is probably a comedy. Why do we make such an assumption? Well that is the kind of association we make – you would not expect to see an old married coupled at a horror movie, or young children at a drama such as a war movie because.
I would  like to mention this short clip I found during my research on this topic which is from the musical Annie (1982). The song is called “Let’s go the movies” and this is a short passage which I found rather funny and kind of in tone with the topic:

Miruna B.

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