Here’s a place that has been on my bucket list for a while: beautiful, wild and outer-worldly Australia. I spent my time in Sydney and also went to the Blue Mountains for a day. It was really special and I hope to see more of this beautiful place soon.

First things first, the way there is quite long but definitely bearable. Overall the flights including waiting time at the airport took about 24 hours. The Vienna-Bangkok flight takes about 9h30 and Bangkok-Sydney another 9h30. Then you’re jet lagged for a while but you are so impressed by what you see so it doesn’t even matter.


Sydney is a really cool city which has some great qualities to it. Starting with the Aussie’s themselves who are SUPER friendly. Then there is the city itself with its combination of modern buildings, skyscrapers but also British influences like brownstone buildings and many other architecture styles. Its proximity to nature is amazing – some of the best beaches are still in the city, you can take a ferry and immediately go for some bush walking (yes, that’s just basically the Aussie way to say hiking or just walking through the forest). Nature itself is amazing and the birds and flowers are completely different from what I’ve known in Europe.

…and guys, they have Koalas. What more is there to say? I mean – just look at him. ❤️



Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok

20171026_162446This is food made out of plastic to use in displays and showcase how the food looks like (Bangkok airport).

20171027_095902Me after 24 hours of flights enjoying sitting in the front of a car with no steering wheel.

20171027_135634This is Darling Harbour in Sydney. You can just chill by the water or grab a ferry to Circular Quey.

img_9616The harbour in Sydney is a very important point and the ferries are really integrated into the infrastructure of the city. It’s definitely worth catching some at least for the amazing views they provide.img_9605



This picture was taken in the Botanical Gardens of Sydney which are definitely worth a visit. Beside lovely flowers and trees you’ll see colourful parrots as well as cockatoos flying about.



Can you spot the parrot?


Expect to see these guys everywhere. Ibis birds will just steal your food if you’re not paying attention. :)


Go see some aboriginal art pieces in the contemporary art museum. They are truly unique.img_9663

Vicious parrot attack.


Carrot cake with a view on the Harbour Bridge.


Really wanted to get more of a bird’s eye view of the city so we decided to go to the top floor of an office building and got lucky to see this view from one of their conference rooms. 20171027_180345

Architecture amalgam.


Lemonade heaven at Paddington Markets. This Saturday market features clothing, accessories & home items from local craftspeople & designers.


The Blue Mountains are so named because, from Sydney, they look blue. They are clad in vast forests of eucalypts (commonly called gum trees), which in the hot sun discharge a fine mist of eucalyptus oil from their leaves. The mist refracts light, which makes the haze look blue at a distance. #randomfactoftheday



My face and the harbour bridge.😊


The gorgeous Kookaburra bird spotted during Bushwalking. “Kookaburras are terrestrial tree kingfishers of the genus Dacelo native to Australia and New Guinea, which grow to between 28–42 cm in length. The loud distinctive call of the laughing kookaburra is widely used as a stock sound effect in situations that involve an Australian bush setting.” (Wiki)
20171101_140034Can you spot the Eastern Dragon Lizard?
dsc03000Nice views during bushwalking.
dsc03118Walking slowly pass the Dragon Lizards. I was cry-laughing at that point. :) To be honest, I imagined meeting many more unpleasant friends during these nature walks (hint: deadly spiders) but I barely saw anything except for vicious drop bears that attacked us at some point. Keep calm and google drop bears 😊.


20171101_140333After researching what the best Zoo to see in Sydney would be, I decided to visit Taronga Zoo. They’re actually registered as a not-for-profit organisation supporting wildlife conservation. They care for 4000 animals from over 350 species, many of which are threatened. I am not a big fan of Zoo’s but with some small exceptions, this place really seemed to make an effort to offer the animals homes, that are species appropriate.

I did not get to see a Koala in the wilderness but there are some places further away from Sydney where you might catch a glimpse of these cuties.
img_9756So cute… I can’t even…

1200px-taz-looney_tunes-svgHave you ever seen this guy as a kid?

This is actually how he looks like and he is refered to as the Tazmanian Devil. “It was once native to mainland Australia and is now found in the wild only on the island state of Tasmania, including tiny east-coast Maria Island where there is a conservation project with disease-free animals”. (Wiki)

img_9763Do you spot the undercover mantis? There are more insects in this photo than  plants! They’re camouflage skills are off the charts!

img_9777Kangaroos just chillin’

img_9787You just want to hug them. 💖
img_9798Sneaky cockatoo looking for some food in the grass.



img_9821Just a peacock walking around the terrace in Taronga Zoo.

img_9824Kind of looks like a Count, right?


img_9840Who said cats didn’t love water?

img_9868Another master of camouflage was this beautiful Chameleon.


20171102_171926The pattern on the Sydney Opera House (kind of looks like an Armadillo, right?)


20171102_172153View from the Opera House.
20171102_191736Great live metaphor of Urban meets Nature.

20171103_095614Look at all this green!!!

20171103_101947The Jacaranda trees are gorgeous and were blooming during my stay there.
20171103_111220Doing the Sculpture by the Sea walk from Bronte to Bondi Beach. This year the outdoor exhibition celebrates its 21st birthday, featuring creations by 104 artists from around Australia and the world.


20171103_115826This was my favorite one. Rangerer by Xia Hang ‘Influenced by online games, the cyborg-like mosquito has a deeper warning, making real how robotic weaponry might actually work.’

20171103_115941View of Bondi Beach.

20171104_133852Last day and last coffee in Sydney. Got me some #latteart

20171104_194556Saying Goodbye.

On my flight back to Vienna, I saw the movie “Night Train to Lisbon”. I had actually read the book it’s made after recently, so was happy to see it. It brought back a quote I really love:

“We leave something of ourselves behind when we leave a place, we stay there, even though we go away. And there are things in us that we can find again only by going back there.” ― Pascal MercierNight Train to Lisbon


Miruna B.

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